About our company.

What U See

The application was originally built as a one-to-many real-time video broadcasting platform, with 2-way communication, video archiving/analysis and smart real-time escalation.

– The first application that was built based on this platform was the What U See Pro, serving the enterprise and government sectors, through its combined solution of an app (as the camera end-point) and a web-based dispatch center, all served as a SaaS solution. What U See Pro is the most advanced enterprise solution for mobile video streaming, targeting security integrators, government sensitive locations and smart-city applications.

– The second application that was built is the What U See Public – a free app, adopted by hundreds of thousands of users, that allows any user to request live video broadcast from another user around the world. What U See public supports both Android and iOS.

– The third solution (but not the last! a solution for the medical industry is coming soon) that we have built on our flexible platform is the one that you are interested in right now – What U See for the events industry. What U See for events allows real-time broadcast taken by the guests directly to the big screen(s) at the venue, as well as to a shared link on the web. This allows the guests to be a real part of the party, to let those that could not arrive to virtually attend and best of all – get all of the videos in one centralized location in the cloud – forever! What U See for events is the ONE and ONLY solution that allows you to see your event from multiple point-of-views without missing a moment – even if you were creating your own moment, somewhere else – at the same time.

Platform Highlights

Security & Encryption

What U See endpoints use the AES cipher with 128-bit keys to encrypt media, and HMAC-SHA1 to verify data integrity, while the endpoints generate random keys both at the beginning and periodically change during the session. All app-web communications are secured using SSL. All passwords are hashed and all protocols are based on proven standards – SRTP for media traffic encryption and DTLS-SRTP for key negotiation (as defined by the IETF).


The whole platform, including the app are uniquely designed to allow an unlimited grow in volume and sessions, Streaming works on both WIFI and carrier networks and adjusts quality per the real-time capability of the network in order to maintain the session also on bad conditions. The app is light and does not overuse the battery or the CPU.

Complete Saas

Zero hardware requirements, no additional equipment needed, beside the big screen – which is a part of each happy event anyway 馃檪

Who We Are

What U See was developed hand-in-hand along the improvement of video delivery and availability on mobile devices, which allows us to develop and introduce the first mobile video monitoring and management platform. We are a team of experienced engineers, with vast expertise in development of distributed secured systems, video and mobile apps in dynamic environments.

Our head office is located in Haifa, Israel, not far from the beach, while our data centers are spread across all continents in order to assure real-time delivery around the globe.

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