Take full control with
cost effective, efficient security and protection.

No more disputes. Ever.


Better Monitoring & Control

Managing your guards is not always easy. Take back control – monitor and communicate directly with your workforce in real-time ensuring that your team is safe and offers the best service possible.

Enhanced Security & Protection

With control back in your hands, seeing what your guards see and sometimes what they don’t see, enhances the level of security and protection you give your workforce and in turn, they’ll deliver to your customers.

Documented Service & Reduced Liability

Customers see exactly what service they have received. When incidents occur, they see exactly what happened.

When incidents occur, instantly send links of footage to your customers so they can immediately see exactly what happened and what service was provided. Automatically archived documentation of your patrols means no more disputes and reduced liability.

Affordable technology for your existing devices

Available for both iOS and Android, you’ll benefit from real-time streaming of patrol video and audio with direct two-way communication, all without leaving the What U See app.

No expensive specialized installation

All your team’s session streams are archived and tagged automatically and in real-time. We protect your data securely in the cloud, alleviating the need for any onsite storage facility while giving you immediate access to your assets.

Key benefits

  • Saves you money with reduced liability risk

    Fully archived documentation of your service reduces your legal liability risk when incidents happen.

  • Effective Control of your workforce

    Monitor, Control and manage your teams effectively with What U See’s real-time mobile communication via live audio and video streams.

  • Enhanced Security, reduced investment

    What U See gives you the competitive edge with reduced costs.

  • Zero Hardware & Installation Costs

    Reduce the cost of running your business. What U See’s cloud based technology has no hardware or installation costs and increases your team’s productivity.


Wherever you are, wherever they are, security covered.

Service even the remotest customers, no matter where you are, with an always-on, real-time mobile CCTV service that’s easy to use, cost efficient, and highly effective.

Security in the cloud.

No tapes, discs or hard drives. No lost evidence, system downtime or expensive equipment. Just secure, consumable-less, always on and instantly accessible evidence in the cloud. All you need in one easy to use place.