About the company.

Our Mission

To bring game changing mobile CCTV to the security industry.

We believe that your business should enjoy from the latest developments in real-time video capture, transmission and storage technologies.

We set out to revolutionize the mobile CCTV market and bring tremendous benefits to the way security patrols are made.

At the end of the day, your patrol guards deserve to be safe out there, and your customers deserve to have their properties kept safe. Safety is what you sell, and our mission is to provide you more safety for less hassle.

Our History

A superb team specializing in real-time video capture and transmission to serve the security industry.

  • JANUARY 2017

    Freemium app is launched in the Google Play and App Store

    • Play Store
    • App Store

  • MARCH 2017

    Initial product conception and market research

  • JUNE 2017

    The app reaches hundreds of thousands of downloads and reviews, and is further developed into an enterprise service

  • NOVEMBER 2017

    Beta launch with selected customers in Israel

  • JANUARY 2018

    Formal worldwide launch of the game-changing mobile CCTV service

Values & Growth


Our software is designed to solve problems, address concerns and reduce any possible risk to your digital privacy and security! None of our products has any additional technical features beyond the ones needed to fulfill its purpose.


What U See flagship products and entire essence are about security and privacy. As such, we do all that’s in our power to protect our customers’ security and privacy. Our customer’ information has never been and never will be used for anything other than to serve our commitment to support them.


We keep our software lean and targeted! our applications are tailored to cater very specific needs, and do not over-feature unneeded extras.


What U See software packs professional grade power and performance in a friendly, fully automated consumer-friendly interface. All of your staff and customers will find it easy to use.

Social Involvement

What U See has been proactively involved in multiple initiatives with local and international entrepreneurial institutes to help and promote emerging talents and technologies. We engage in mentoring and tutoring and provide professional guidance and oversight to various projects in the fields of software development, online technologies and enhanced security applications.

The What U See management team is currently mentoring stealth-mode startup teams in several local accelerators, as well as assisting advanced information technology student-groups with their final years’ projects and initiatives, in hope to help local upcoming entrepreneurs progress into successful technology oriented business people.


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