Manage more efficiently and increase team productivity

Remotely control, guide and help your teams in real-time to provide your customers with a more effective and efficient service.

Protect your business

Real-time, two-way direct communication and instantly archived, immediately available footage, provides evidence to protect your business against legal liabilities.


Explore the main benefits that our system has to offer.

Your coverage on the go

Be right there with your team to protect, guide and inform them as incidents occur. No more fixed CCTV with blind spots, just clear, heart of the action evidence.

Coverage where there’s no coverage

Offer your customers a cheaper, more effective alternative if they have no onsite CCTV facilities.

Fully documented patrols

Feel secure with real-time archived session footage with quick analysis and retrieval tools ensuring that you always have proof documenting your service.

No more disputes. Ever.

Drastically Reduce your liability exposure and provide customers with a fully documented level of service.

  • Enhanced Team Management

    Effectively control and monitor your guards to get the work done.

  • Documented Level of Service

    Help and direct your guards through incidents in real-time.

  • Reduced Legal Liability

    Archived visual proof of all incidents available instantly in the cloud.

  • Superior Guard Protection

    ‘See what they see’ enables you to be there for them when they really need you.

  • Zero HW & Installation Cost

    Forget costly installations, just download our app and you’re ready to go.

  • Real Time Communication

    Communicate directly and in real-time with your guards no matter where they are.

Brands using our Apps.

No more ‘Lazy Larry’.
Get the work done.

See what your guards are really doing in real-time, all the time putting you in control of your team and increasing team productivity.